Zone 1: Fungal Foothills. Main enemy: spore-slaved rats. Treasure: caps, stems, copper pieces from a lost dynasty.

Zone 2: Crumbling Ridge. Enemies: acid creepers, ettin ferrets. Treasure: red dust, hydrochloric webs.

Zone 3: Petrified Taiga. Enemies: gargoyle flying squirrels, lesser pine golems, stonepeckers. Treasure: methuselah tree shards, runed bark.

Zone 4: Edgewise Switchback. Enemies: storm crows, vertigoats. Treasure: rusty pitons, talisman of balance, the roc egg.

Zone 5: Plateau of Rains. Enemies: cairn-lurkers, mildew walkers. Miniboss: Jagged Morsel, cairn-lurker carnifex. Loot: a waterlogged diary.

Zone 6: Ten-Layer Bulwark. Layers: wire, chitin, granite, intense rain, mirrors, ticks, living bone, childhood nightmares, gravity, inwit.

Zone 7: Deluged Garden. Enemies: loamspawn, weedmass, burblers. Treasure: pulp of healing, trellis fragment, sickle. Zone submerged in 1hr.

Zone 8: Outer Estate Grounds. Enemies: shambling topiaries, sixfold crows. Miniboss: The Thing in the Fountain. Loot: a locket w/you inside

Zone 9: Inner Estate Grounds. Enemies: marble spheres, cobblestone swarms, twisted carriages. Treasure: silver pins shaped of fire and birds

Zone 10: Propylaeum Waterfall. Enemies: masked naiads, weredragonflies. Boss: Vratagragaphron of the crystal chain, genius domus.

Zone 11: Hall of Stained Glass. Enemies: vitreous imps, harmonies of colored light passing through smoke and dust. Loot: rubbings, lenses.

Zone 12: Hall of Candles. Enemies: 1,000 minor fire elements who receive damage only from wishes. Treasure: candelabra, sentient smoke.

Zone 13: Haunted Confessional Tunnels. Enemies: sin-spirits. Treasure: lawbreaker's flail, ruby sculptures of each of your memories of evil.

Zone 14: Tomb of Idols. Enemies: cruciform spiders, kneeling necromancers. Treasure: wrappings, pendant of the One Above, canopic jars.

Zone 15: Oculus Dome. Enemies: vested eidolons, three-eyed bats. Miniboss: Mnenralotops, Vorstellung Hydra. Loot: incense, a hydra wishbone.

Zone 16: Chantry of Unminglable Voices. Enemies: infrasonic ravens, arias-made-flesh. Treasure: rain-garbled sheet music, strange pitch pipe

Zone 17: Hierophant's Chamber. Enemies: mists-that-hunger, cowled demagogues, blindfolded executioners. Treasure: quill of truth, void-map.

Zone 18: Endless Nave. Enemies: The Thousand Faithscarred, The Bishop of Integers. Loot: key to an unknown cipher, iridium miter.

Zone 19: Partially-Cosmic Throneroom. Enemies: ice & dust elementals, level 1 fusionmancers, star-mind guardians. Loot: protomatter ingots.

Zone 20: Trans-Auric Altar. Enemies: Fugal Ravens, Animated Mirrors. Boss: Aaarator, the Failed Apotheosis. Loot: neutronium corona, goldink

Zone 21: The Darkness Between. Enemies: uncollapsed wavefunctions, forgotten memory golems, the never-created. Loot: bag of whispers.

Zone 22: Spiral of Cold Onyx. Enemies: the breath of the chasm, coils in the darkness. Treasure: ash of dead stars, emerald boots.

Zone 23: The Planet That Survived. Enemies: none. Treasure: a house, a table, a single rose, a glittering sword.

Zone 24: Shadows in Hexlight. Enemies: insects wrought of the clay of your evil thoughts, whitefire ghosts. Treasure: burnished shield.

Zone 25: The Living Moon. Enemies: scales, tendrils, eyes, incisors. Miniboss: The Malevolence Dynamo. Treasure: horned helm, addiction star

Zone 26: Apastron Crux. Enemies: backward-moving pall, starlight waves. Cutscene: Immortal Vōtus, the Invincible and Triumphant

Zone 27: The Oak Tree (memory). Enemies: knot-weavers, animated architecture. Loot: stone of upheaval. Miniboss: Calmness, Aspect of Vōtus.

Zone 28: Wasteland Refuge (memory). Enemies: other survivors, the mad. Loot: 37 love letters. Miniboss: Imitation, Aspect of Vōtus.

Zone 29: Masked Ball (memory). Enemies: wearers of the Lethe mask, the uncouth. Mini boss: crystalline peacock, aspect of Vōtus.

Zone 30: The Thorn Hedge (memory). Enemies: animus hags, thorn vortices. Miniboss: Aecrila the Two-Souled, aspect of Vōtus. Loot: alabaster cuirass.

Zone 31: House of Schisms, Multispatial Intersection (memory?). Enemies: imperfectly copied humans, logic-justice. Loot: shard of the first.

Zone 32: Periastron Crux. Enemies: last-light of stars. Final boss: Vōtus/Paradox Tumor. Cutscene: shard transparent, night sky in silence.