Zone 1: Academy Incursion. Enemies: dark centipedes, bloodseekers. NPC: Best friend. Loot: improvised weapons, names of the victims.

Zone 2: Meadow of Aurora. Pursuit. Enemies: Chaff insects, decoy carriers, drowsy warthogs. Loot: enchanted pebbles, weighted nets.

Zone 3: Lantern-lit Forest. Pursuit. Enemies: goblin vandals, cast-off trilobites, moss-rustlers. Loot: sources of light & warmth.

Zone 4: The Cave Below the Hill. Enemies: Things that Crackle Underfoot, Shadows Just Beyond the Light. Loot: gnawed knucklebones.

Zone 5: Runic Grotto. Enemies: gray centipedes, red-eyed ants. Miniboss: Hekaton Gnathos, Half-in-Dream. Loot: drained vessel, mandibles.

Zone 6: Academy Dawn. Enemies: greyhoods, lantern dimmers, dusty guards. Loot: larksong, fragment of a treatise on Subterranea.

Zone 7: Beneath the Cloud Vortex. Enemies: storm crow battalions, hail entities. NPCs: academy guards, lone student amid mud and rain.

Zone 8: Torrential Downpour. Those venturing outside too far from light sources are never seen again. Enemies: droplet spawn, leaks.

Zone 9: Rising Water, Nightfall. Enemies: flood lions, neural currents, shapes in the fog. Loot: filled vials. Low elevations submerged.

Zone 10: Whelm of Midnight. Enemies: pillars of living storm. Boss: Vyybnna, Cetus of Sea-and-Sky-as-One. Loot: raft, waterflame torches.

Zone 11: Unlight Hours, Current Drifting. Enemies: foam elementals, crustacean golems, moths of misdirection. Loot: undertow map, shells.

Zone 12: Flooded Cave Mouth, Dawn. NPC: one-time enemy, now friend. Enemies: gargoyles written in waterfalls. Loot: empty rocks, sunlight.

Zone 13: First Stratum. Enemies: insect agglomerates, seven-eyed bats, wisps of umbra. Loot: chitin, murk essence, half of a mask, copper.

Zone 14: Cavern of Echoes. Enemies: seven-mouthed bats, chittering ones. Loot: half-caught chatter in dead tongues, half-familiar rhymes.

Zone 15: Grove of White Mushrooms. Enemies: farmer troglodytes, layabout urchins. NPC: simulacrum tied to a central stem. Loot: white honey.

Zone 16: Second stratum. A deserted, vast hall resplendent with multifarious crystals. Miniboss: A Silent Guardian, dancer upon points.

Zone 17: Bridge Above a Glittering Abyss. Soundless but for the howling wind & deep fluttering. Miniboss: Eeiereea, Seven-Winged Bat-Mother.

Zone 18: The Faceted Spire. Ray of light in the starry black. Miniboss: Pyr, Exile of the Core, Singer of Discordant Stonesong. Loot: rubies

Zone 19: Spire Catacombs. Enemies: ghost-lanterns, pyrite skulls, legbones of a thousand-mile fossil. NPC (choice): the elderly or the youth

Zone 20: Third Stratum. Enemies: elementals of utter darkness, light-siphoned fires. Loot: head-sized drained vessels, vials of hunger.

Zone 21: The Yearning Night Labyrinth. Enemies: void golems, motes of hungry dark, fungoid shamblers. Treasure: phosphorescent spores.

Zone 22: Unknowable Pits Bereft of Sensation. Enemies: silence-within-silence, null light. Boss: a guttural voice from beneath a dark mantle

Zone 23: Fourth Stratum. Enemies: living rock, grinder gnomes. NPC: the telepath. Loot: porphyry, musical slag, monolith of transformation.

Zone 24: Road of Red Iron. Enemies: grinder-gnome knights, magma-fueled automatons, rock skeletons. Loot: glowing rocks, glittering rust.

Zone 25: Magma Confluence. Enemies: grinder-gnome gentry, wolves of confined-plasma. Loot: dropped lock of hair, second half of a mask.

Zone 26: Molten Falls Above the Core. Enemies: greater steam lords, corrupted megaliths. Toss over (choice): empty vessel, mask, pale fungus

Zone 27a: The Precipice. Cutscene: mask consumed, soul transformed into crystal. Party: a youth & your best friend. Enemies: fear-fires

Zone 28a: Outer Core. Enemies: featureless & tenebrous colossi, wraith-centipedes that swim in a dark fog. Loot: unmeltable bubbles, gold.

Zone 29a: Inner Core. Enemies: coagulated phlogiston, half-remembered phantasms that become insects upon death. Loot: half-filled vessels.

Zone 30a: A Machine of Vile Alloys & Lightless Fires. Enemies: nightmare-shaped drones. Pseudoboss: The Filament-Nexus, Whose Will is Law

Zone 27b: The Precipice. Cutscene: vessel consumed, mind transformed into a wolf's. Party: a telepath & your former enemy. Enemies: dunwisps

Zone 28b: Outer Core. Enemies: sun-eyed paladins, barb-urchins, psychotropic blue flowers. Loot: broadsword from a past life, memory snuffer

Zone 29b: Inner Core. Enemies: fused ghosts, azurite lace hydrae, amalgamating battalions. Loot: perma-sparks, gloves of the murderer

Zone 30b: Timeless Adytum. Enemies: singularity-wielders, golden delirium, lux echoes. Pseudoboss: A Radiant and Unbreakable Chain

Zone 27c: The Precipice. Cutscene: fungus consumed, heart transformed into ebony. Party: a simulacrum & a loner. Enemies: dream motes

Zone 28c: Outer Core. Enemies: wyrd fireflies, violet horizon-lurkers, stormspeakers. Loot: a poem written in ash on a discarded rock.

Zone 29c: Inner Core. Enemies: helical starfall, bright shadows. Miniboss: Nia, Touched-by-Phlogiston. Loot: a moment when all seems right.

Zone 30c: Crater of Doomed Futures. Enemies: fate gossamer. Pseudoboss: Knot Vortex of Infinite Crossings. Loot: a glimpse of another's love

Zone 31abc: Cenotaph Nadir. Enemies: negation elementals. Final boss: That Which Disfigures the Veil. Cutscene: true sight, and an open door.